Saturday, July 12, 2008

Diamond Necklaces for the Rich!

Name: Garrard Heart of the Kingdom Ruby

Price: $14 million


The diamond necklace is a heart-shaped ruby that has 40.63 carats and is accompanied by a total worth of 155 carat diamonds, at the middle of which the precious stone seductively blushes.

Name: Neil Lane Diamond Necklace

Price: $4 million


Diamond Necklace is made of 140-carat diamonds that are pear, cushion and a teardrop-cut and set in the platinum.

Name: The De Beer Marie-Antoinette Necklace

Price: $3.7 million


Diamond Necklace is an overall 181.1 carat diamonds that is made of 1.84 carat deep pink accent diamond placed at the center of the first string, the 5.24 carat and 7.06 carat yellow diamonds that come beneath it, the picture of diamonds on the second and third string and with the star of this piece of jewelry - the 8.05 carat pear-shaped white diamond.

Name: H. Stern Venus Necklace

Price: $3.17 million


Is a 110 carat diamond Necklace, made of cushion, square and pear-shaped diamonds, eclipsed by a 14-point cut diamond star that is placed on the clasp and also the gems are 18-carat gold.

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RockRushIndia said...

This diamond necklace look nice and could wear this with any outfit.